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Couples Therapy

Treatment Areas:

  • Couples / Marriage Counseling

  • Premarital / Pre-Cohabitation Counseling

  • Affair / Infidelity Counseling

  • Sexless Partnership Counseling

  • Polyamory / Ethical Non-Monogamy / Open Relationship Counseling


Do you find yourself in frequent conflict with your partner or feel a dreaded lack of connection, closeness, or support? Are you worried about the state of your relationship and its future? Or perhaps you feel content with much of your partner connection but the passion for each other has waned due to intimacy challenges? Many couples experience such difficulties across the lifespan of their relationship.

Couples therapy is a helpful tool for anyone who seeks to increase their relationship satisfaction, improve conflict resolution skills, and deepen the connection with their partner(s).

Ineffective communication patterns that have become almost “automatic” over time and leave you feeling frustrated rather than heard, emotional wounds due to infidelity or another breach of trust, everyday pressures and demands that leave little to no time or energy for romance and passion, sexual health or compatibility issues that are difficult to talk about and create barriers to intimacy – all of these are frequent reasons why people seek out couples therapy to receive the help needed to improve and often resolve such challenges.

Satisfying love relationships take work to maintain but they also make life beautiful and exciting. I provide therapy for adults in traditional and non-traditional romantic relationships, helping them to engage and connect with love, compassion, and understanding for each other. Overcoming difficult times and experiencing joy and pleasure in a healthy relationship is most certainly possible. Therapy can help get you there.

Individual Psychotherapy

Treatment Areas:

  • Anxiety / Overthinking / Self-Doubt / Insecurities

  • Depression / Amotivation / Negative Outlook

  • Chronic Stress / Burnout

  • Anger Management / Emotions Management

  • Grief / Loss / Life Transitions

  • Trauma

  • Personal Identity Issues / Self-Esteem

  • Interpersonal Communication / Conflict Resolution / Relationship Issues

Regardless of our background, education, income, beliefs, and experiences, life can confront us with difficulties that we are unable to solve on our own. Most of us need expert help at different times, and we would not think twice about seeing a doctor for a broken bone or a mechanic for a damaged car. Speaking with a psychotherapist about overwhelming or unmanageable thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is no different.

Therapy is designed to help people improve the way they view and interact with themselves, others, and the world while fostering healing and improved levels of contentment, joy, and confidence.

I work with individuals who may be struggling with difficulties interacting with others, personal identity issues, challenging life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety, chronic stress, or depression. If you are feeling disconnected, upset, dissatisfied, angry, or confused, or perhaps you are struggling with guilt or shame over past behaviors then therapy can provide you with the necessary tools to untangle these experiences. I can help you take steps to better understand and accept yourself and to work on the pieces of you that you would like to see changed.

Living a fulfilling life that brings you joy and satisfaction as a self-actualized and authentic person in line with your unique values and goals requires self-reflection and ongoing efforts. These are investments in yourself that are worthwhile and that you deserve. Therapy can support you on this path.

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